Gritty Kitty: Half Past CurfewWhile purrr-haps (see what I did there?) it’s not any sort of major nerd news in the geekosphere, a new young adult dystopian project made it’s debut this week — Gritty Kitty: Half Past CurfewAlong the lines of other popular young adult sci-fi fiction such as The Hunger Games trilogy and Divergent series, Gritty Kitty features a strong willed young female protagonist. What makes this particular effort different than the other juvenile dystopian stories is that this one is written by your Geekend Update host and blogger Dan Taylor — who is me.

Now, I’m starting off small… Gritty Kitty: Half Past Curfew is an 18-page (by Amazon’s approximation) introduction to the the world of Kitty Kane — a.k.a. Gritty Kitty. I’m sort of taking the Hugh Howey — self-publishing extraordinaire and best-selling author to the Wool Omnibus Edition (Wool 1 – 5) (Silo Saga) and the Silo Saga series — approach with this project. I’m starting with a short introductory story, that with any luck, will spark enough interest with readers to justify publishing the much longer Gritty Kitty story that I have been kicking around for the last ten years or so. Now, I’m not sure if that was Howey’s initial plan, but it inspired me to give it a shot. By the way, if you haven’t read Hugh Howey’s Silo SagaWool, Shift, and Dust — be sure add it to your Amazon cart when you order Gritty Kitty: Half Past Curfew.

The City—an immense megalopolis of urban sprawl that stretches far and wide horizontally as well as towering and lofty vertically. Within the dichotomy of the soaring Spires and the deep Downs, Kitty Kane leads a double-life. As the only daughter of Commissioner Kurt Kane she is an influential socialite among the upper echelon who live privileged lives amid the Spires. But, far below among the downtrodden that dwell within the Downs she is a lethal street samurai, a vigilante, a mercenary known as the Gritty Kitty.

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